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If you’re a person who likes to be in control of your building, but you have no time to find out what telecom service providers (TSPs) are doing in your building, then this is the service for you. The communications infrastructure property management program controls your buildings’ communications infrastructure (CI) core spaces, ensures telecom codes, standards and regulations are followed, and frees you and your people from dealing with TSPs all together.

If you’re a TSP, you just got a fix for the common last-mile issues. Now, you can access the building right when you arrive, receive guidance to the building CI core spaces and your equipment and, when required, have plan reviews completed in days by a registered RCDD.

Legend says the griffin was known for being especially powerful and loyal. They were said to be amazing guardians of their owners’ treasures and priceless possessions; similarly, SPRECOM is an amazing guardian of a building’s CI.


Communications Infrastructure (CI) refers to the cables, pathways, equipment and core spaces within a building that are used for distribution of those critical communication services to tenants and building systems. The Property Management (PM) aspect represents the comprehensive management attributes that a building has normally, but with a twist: our property management is fully focused on the building’s communications infrastructure.

As founders of the CIPM industry, Sprecom offers a unique solution that operates in any building type.  All CIPM programs are specifically tailored to meet our clients’ communications infrastructure needs, building by building, and provides building owners, managers and telecom service providers with a tangible outcome – control. Any building can have a CIPM program, which will give you control while ensuring the building’s communications infrastructure is telecommunication codes, standards, and regulations compliant.

SPRECOM is the leader in making CIPM services fair, transparent, and of significant value to building owners, managers, and telecommunication service providers in any building type.

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WHY: We believe in empowerment, fairness, helping others and innovation.

HOW: Ensuring compliance to telecom codes, standards, regulations and by actively listening.

WHAT: Operating Communications Infrastructure Property Management (CIPM) programs.


To build a mutually beneficial bridge between the building management and telecom industries.


Our Communications Infrastructure Property Management (CIPM) program enables both the telecom and property management industries to operate in the building effectively and efficiently without interference, restriction, or distraction from the other. 


To deliver quantifiable value nationally through our CIPM program.


Expertise: through continual learning. 

Openness: by listening and sharing.

Leadership: caring for those who follow. 

Facilitation: positively connecting two unrelated industries.


Government decisions* have made building owners solely responsible for their building’s CI Core Spaces. In combination with that, the demands on building owners’ and property managers’ time are ever-increasing and the skills required to maintain these complicated areas are becoming increasingly specialized.

SPRECOM’s CIPM Program is responsive to these needs and delivers the following benefits:

Increase in productivity and time through Sprecom’s Controlled Access service, while outsourcing CI related responsibilities to industry experts.

Your asset value is protected by ensuring that the condition of the building’s critical CI core spaces does not degrade over time but rather improves.

Management of the building owner’s liabilities to telecom codes, standards, and regulations.

100+ years of collective telecom experience and expertise in telecom code, standard and regulations.

Risk management through telecom occupational health and safety, operations, and security.

Experts in Intra (within the building) and Inter (operating from the building) contract negotiations ensure you are getting fair market value while protecting your asset.

Per regulations, the CIPM program can be partially offset by the telecom service providers and this fee is distributed equally amongst the providers.

Retain and attract tenants though well managed Communications Infrastructure by ensuring your buildings readiness for evolving CI technologies.

*CRTC Decision 99-10, *CRTC Decision 2003-45

What kind of benefits are you looking for?


  • Provides you with experts to run your CIPM program, including a Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD), resulting in a cost savings of $120K/year.
  • Telecom service providers operating intra-building services offset the CIPM program and average of 40-50% (savings may vary by number of TSPs servicing the building).
  • Per regulations, telecom service providers don’t pay for access and are provided with a single point of contact.


  • Your team can focus on their core competencies, building operations, and the tenants.
  • You can leverage Sprecom’s existing relationships with the telecom service providers for quicker response to tenant inquiries regarding telecom services.
  • Telecom installers have access to telecom specialists who can provide them building-specific communications infrastructure (CI) information, greatly reducing their onsite times.


  • Telecom industry experts qualify access requests to the buildings’ core space by tenants, building tradespeople, and telecom service providers, which frees up your operations and management. 
  • Telecom service providers and tenants receive assistance as needed to swiftly resolve CI issues.


  • Detailed records of the buildings’ CI are developed, regularly maintained, and available at any time.
  • Moves, additions, and changes are qualified to ensure they comply with telecom codes, standard and regulations.
  • Telecom service provider operation type is identified and the appropriate compensation is negotiated.
  • Compliance to the telecom agreements is ensured, including obtaining current insurance certificates. 


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CRTC Decision 99-10 Building owners are now solely responsible for their buildings’ communications infrastructure.

Sprecom Inc. founded September 18, 2002. Sprecom begins researching the market and developing their business model.

Sprecom is now working with the CRTC subcommittee. CRTC Decision 2003-45 is issued, and this decision forms Sprecom’s operating model.

World’s largest property management company outsources their communications infrastructure management to Sprecom. Sprecom signs three telecom service providers, and the program is now being offset, which is an industry first.

Innovation through working closely with both building management and telecom industries. Sprecom develops their Sprecom Controlled Access (SCA) procedure, and is now managing nearly 70 buildings. 

Leveraging off the success of the SCA procedure and the drive to continually innovate, Sprecom creates the SCA Unit. Their client base has grown through word of mouth.

Sprecom CIPM Program grows beyond Calgary and area; they are now managing buildings in Edmonton and Vancouver. They sign the second last TSP, and now over 90% of telecom service providers are offsetting the CIPM program.



Randy Porter

Randy brings 40 years of diverse telecommunications, business administration, and technical expertise and experience to SPRECOM. He has demonstrated skills in developing business processes and software applications to support new services and products. Before co-founding SPRECOM with his brother, Rob, Randy played a key role in leading and facilitating change in TELUS Communications’ marketing and sales areas. Randy’s hands-on and in-depth knowledge of voice and data communication systems, along with his knowledge of software programming and database development, gives SPRECOM an edge in Communications Infrastructure Property Management (CIPM).

Rob Porter

Rob has close to 40 years of experience in telecommunications. He has demonstrated expertise as a planner, designer and project manager of many multi-million-dollar initiatives both outside and inside cable plants. Prior to co-founding SPRECOM, Rob was the Director of Unitech Electrical Contracting, Telecom Division. During this time, Rob developed and led the company's Move, Add, and Change (MAC) team. Prior to joining Unitech Rob was with the Canadian Forces for 25 years, where his leadership and technical skills were honed.


wendy Porter

Wendy has been in telecommunications for over 25 years and is a key member of the Sprecom team from the beginning. Wendy has amassed a great depth of experience while tackling nearly every position within Sprecom. Wendy’s love of people coupled with her years of experience drives her to ensure that every client has the best possible experience and that every job is completed to the highest standards.

Lauren Hunt

Lauren is one of Sprecom's CA's ( Client Advocate's). Eager to assist our clients and their contractors with the knowledge of our portfolio buildings.

cohen porter

Cohen is one of Sprecom's CA's ( Client Advocate's). Eager to assist our clients and their contractors with the knowledge of our portfolio buildings..

cooper porter

Cooper is Sprecom's BDM ( Business Development Manager) & CISA ( Communication Infrastructure Specialist Assistant).





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