Randy Porter CET

Roles and Responsibilities
Randy Porter is responsible for leading Sprecom and making sure the people and systems are in place to ensure that the CI needs of all our clients are consistently served. His mandate is to ensure that the company's operations and client services personnel are fully supported through innovative industry-leading CI Management systems.

Professional Experience
Randy brings over 30 years of diverse telecommunications, business administration and technical expertise and experience to SPRECOM. He has demonstrated skills in developing business processes and software applications to support new services and products. Before launching SPRECOM with his partner and brother Rob, Randy played a key role in leading and facilitating change in the TELUS Communications marketing and sales areas. Randy’s hands-on and in-depth knowledge of voice and data communication systems, along with his knowledge of software programming and database development gives SPRECOM an edge in CI Management.

Professional Affiliations/Accreditations
          ASET CET designation

U of C, Information Technology Management
SAIT, Communication Electrician certification
SAIT, Communication Electronics certification

Rob Porter RCDD, CD
Director, Operations